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Prudential PRUActive Retirement (II) Review

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prudential pruactive retirement review

Prudential PRUActive Retirement(II) is a retirement annuity plan that offers guaranteed income in your golden years.

The plan is packed with multiple features and benefits such as the option to change your payout period, riders, Total and Permanent Disability benefits, and much more.

In this discussion, we explore in-depth the features of Prudential PRUActive Retirement II to help you decide on the option that works best for you.

Read on.


Policy term

One unique advantage of Prudential PRUActive Retirement II is that it offers the flexibility to choose your retirement age and when to start receiving the payouts.

In this case, you can choose your retirement age from age 50.

Premium payments can be made using your SRS funds.

Flexible premium terms

The policy allows you to choose your prefered premium term between a single or regular premium term of any years up to 4 years before the selected retirement age.

For regular premiums, you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly.

Flexible Payout options

With this plan, you can customise your payout period depending on individual needs.

For instance, you can receive the payouts from age 50 to 90 years and adjust whenever you want to match your needs.

In addition, you can change the payout period at least 2 months before the payments commence.

With this, you can choose 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years as your prefered payout period.


Here are the features of Prudential PRUActive Retirement II.

Surviving Spouse Benefit

In the unfortunate event of death, your spouse can take over the policy as long as he/she is appointed.

This means if your spouse is a joint applicant for the policy, the Surviving Spouse Benefit takes effect.

Guaranteed and non-guaranteed income

The plan offers non-guaranteed income with the potential to increase each year depending on the Illustrated Investment Rate of Return.

Reinvestment of payouts

If you don’t want to receive the monthly payouts as yet, there is an option to reinvest the money, subsequently growing your retirement funds.


Other than guaranteed and non-guaranteed income, Prudential PRUActive Retirement II has multiple coverages which you will enjoy.

Total and Permanent Disability

The policy offers coverage against TPD during its term or before the anniversary after you reach 70 years whichever comes first.

The protection means that you’ll receive an accelerated payout if you suffer from TPD during the policy or if the disability occurs before you attain 70 years.

Accidental Disability Benefit

In the event of an accident, your future premiums are waived. Also, you’ll receive 2x monthly income if the accident leads to permanent disability.

This benefit is capped at S$6,250.


The policy covers you for death. Subsequently, like other plans, this benefit automatically ends after a claim has been made.

Optional Add-On Riders

Besides the usual benefits, you can add supplementary benefits or riders to your plan to enhance your coverage.

Crisis Waiver III

Under this benefit, you’ll enjoy a waiver of premiums after a diagnosis of at least one of the 35 critical illnesses listed on the cover. The benefits extend up to 85 years.

Early Stage Crisis Waiver

Under this benefit, you’ll get a 5-year waiver period after a diagnosis of early-stage medical conditions.

This rider also allows you to make a second claim if it’s not for the same medical condition or falls within the same category.

Under the same rider, you can enjoy a 10-year premium waiver after a diagnosis of intermediate stage medical condition.

Payer Security Plus

With this rider, you can have a waiver of premiums of your spouse’s or child’s policy if the following occurs to you;

  • Death
  • Total and permanent disability
  • Critical illness


Worth noting, this rider provides coverage up to the end of the premium term or upon turning 85, whichever comes earlier.

Prudential PRUActive Retirement II at a glance

Here is a summary of Prudential PRUActive Retirement II benefits

Cash and Cash Withdrawal Benefits
Cash value Available
Cash withdrawal benefits: Available
Health and Insurance Coverage
Death Available
Total Permanent Disability Available
Terminal Illness Available
Critical Illness: Not available
Early Critical Illness: Not available
Health and Insurance Coverage Multiplier
Death Not available
Total Permanent Disability Not available
Terminal Illness Not available
Critical Illness Not available
Early Critical Illness: Not available
Optional Add-on Riders
Crisis Waiver III Available
Early Stage Crisis Waiver Available
Payer Security Plus Available
Additional Features and Benefits Monthly retirement income reinvestment

Accidental disability benefit

Surviving spouse benefit

Flexibility to adjust your payout tenure


To understand how PRUActive Retirement II works, here is an illustration.

Paul chooses PRUActive Retirement II as a way to ensure financial stability upon retirement. Without a doubt, the monthly payouts will guarantee financial stability amid cost uncertainties in future.

Therefore Paul can enjoy the life he desires even when he eventually leaves active employment.

Paul is a 32-year-old male who pays S$625 every month for 18 years as he wants a guaranteed income of $1,000 monthly.

By then, Paul will be 50 years old and will have paid S$135,000.

At 63 years, Paul retires from active employment and starts receiving his guaranteed and non-guaranteed income as shown in the table below.

Age 32 years Age 50 years Age 63 years Total Monthly

Income Payout

Within 15 years

Maturity Benefit


Total Potential Payout
Starts to pay S$135,000 total premiums paid Retires and starts to receive Monthly

Income Payout for 15 years

S$372,961 S$38,926 S$411,887

The total monthly income payout for Paul comprises of;

  • Non-Guaranteed Monthly Income ($93)
  • Step-up Income (Depends on par fund’s performance)
  • Bonus Income ($325)
  • Guaranteed Monthly Income ($1,000)


By the end of 15 years, Paul will have received a potential payout amount equivalent to S$411,887.

Points to note

  • The non-guaranteed monthly income depends on the performance of the participating fund
  • The Step-up income consists of non-guaranteed income declared in the past
  • The calculations are based on an illustrated investment rate of return of 4.00% p.a
  • The maturity benefit paid at the end is after deducting any debts that you owe to the policy.


My Review of Prudential PRUActive Retirement II Policy

Prudential PRUActive Retirement II is a worthwhile consideration if you are looking for a policy that will provide guaranteed income in your retirement.

It easily secures your golden years thanks to the guaranteed monthly payouts as well as the non-guaranteed income.

Advantages of PRUActive Retirement II

  • It’s a savings scheme that protects your money against uncertainties
  • The plan is highly customisable and offers flexibility to choose when to retire and receive your payouts.
  • Guarantees monthly payouts in the future
  • Allows the use of SRS funds to offset single premium payments
  • You can re-invest your monthly payouts to receive higher income in the future


Comparing Prudential PRUActive Retirement II with other annuity plans

retirement annuity plan premium and payout comparisons

Subject to;

  • Entry Age, premium payment term, and accumulation period less than or equal to 80 ANB
  • Additional payout plus basic monthly payout
  • All policies payable in cash


As you can see, there are a lot of similarities among the various plans such as flexible premium term options and freedom to choose the payout period and when to start receiving your payouts.

The plan is the most flexible when it comes to choosing the payout period options since it starts at 50 to 90 years old.

Furthermore, it has four payout period options: 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years.

Beyond that, Prudential PRUActive Retirement II has unique features that make it a top choice for many.

For example, SRS payments are available if you’re opting for a single premium plan.

In addition, the Accidental Disability benefit covers you if you suffer from permanent disability after an accident.

retirement annuity plan returns comparison

Expected returns

When choosing a plan, the guaranteed payout is one of the things to keep in mind. The table above highlights the performance of Prudential PRUActive Retirement II against other annuity plans.

Even though it doesn’t take the 1st position, Prudential PRUActive Retirement II scores well when it comes to guaranteed returns.

On the downside, the non-guaranteed returns are lower than other players on the market which effectively affects the total expected returns.

Overall, I would recommend Prudential PRUActive Retirement II if you are looking for a plan with guaranteed income during retirement with added coverage like death and TPD.

It’s also been listed as one of the best retirement annuity plans in Singapore.

However, it’s still not as feature-rich when compared against plans such as the Manulife RetireReady Plus III and NTUC Income Gro Retire Flex.

That said, no single retirement plan is perfect, it all depends on its ability to meet your future needs and offer a safe financial cushion during retirement.

If you’re afraid of choosing the wrong product, talk to a financial advisor who will explore the available plans to help you decide.


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At Dollar Bureau, we’re committed to providing you with reliable, unbiased financial guidance. Our content is crafted by everyday Singaporeans who are trained in finance and insurance, ensuring relatable and practical guidance. We uphold strict editorial independence, regularly update our reviews, and value your feedback to keep our information accurate and relevant.

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