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Muhammad Firdaus Syazwani

Firdaus – Founder

Meet Firdaus, our founder who started Dollar Bureau in 2019. He studied business at a local university, graduating as the valedictorian of his cohort. 

Twenty years ago, Firdaus’s mother bought an endowment plan from an insurance agent to gift him $20,000. However, after 20 years of paying premiums, Firdaus discovered that the policy was actually a whole life plan with a sum assured of $20,000, and they didn’t receive any money back.

This experience inspired Firdaus to create dollarbureau.com, so that others won’t face the same problem of being misled or not understanding what they are purchasing – which he sees as a is a huge problem in the industry.

He heads the Dollar Bureau team – from business to marketing. 

David from Dollar Bureau

David – Tech Genius

Meet David, Dollar Bureau’s resident tech genius. He designs and builds the Dollar Bureau website and helps fix bugs and issues our readers raise.

Like Fergus, David too is a finance enthusiast, always sharing creative and unique angles to the content published on Dollar Bureau. David is currently a student at a local university.

A valuable member of the team, David heads everything and anything related to tech.

Jaslyn Ng

Jaslyn Ng – Chief Editor

Meet Jaslyn, Dollar Bureau’s chief editor. Starting off as a writer with Dollar Bureau, she now manages all content from our writers.

Unlike Firdaus, Jaslyn doesn’t like finance as much. Because of this, she sees things from the average Singaporean’s point of view.

This makes her a valuable asset as she shares different yet valuable perspectives from the team and, most importantly, keeps things simple for everyone to understand.

Tan Yuan Tian

Tan Yuan Tian – Author

Yuan Tian brings a fresh and innovative perspective to Dollar Bureau with her background as an aspiring digital creative.

Her commitment to positively shaping the industry is evident in her keen eye for detail and her unique approach to content.

Yuan Tian’s inherent curiosity drives her to delve deep into topics, ensuring that she’s always on the pulse of the latest trends and information.

This passion for learning translates into well-researched and thorough content for our readers.

Jazlyn Ching

Jazlyn Ching – Author

Jazlyn Ching combines her solid educational foundation in Accountancy and Finance with her genuine passion for the world of finance.

As a graduate in the field, she possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of financial products and the industry at large.

This knowledge, paired with her innate curiosity, drives her to continually explore innovative methods of wealth accumulation and management.

Lorraine Chew

Lorraine Chew – Author

Lorraine Chew, a proud graduate from Singapore Management University, brings to Dollar Bureau a fresh and relatable perspective on the significance of financial planning in today’s fast-paced world.

As she journeyed through the challenges of transitioning to adulthood, Lorraine recognised the indispensable role of financial products in not just securing one’s future but also in protecting one’s health and wealth.

Her academic background coupled with her real-world experiences has equipped her with a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding financial products.

With a mission to bridge the gap between intricate financial jargon and everyday understanding, Lorraine is committed to simplifying these concepts for the average individual.

Akshaya Shanmuga Sundaram

Akshaya Shanmuga – Author

Akshaya, a dedicated full-time student, brings a unique and fresh voice to Dollar Bureau.

Her genuine passion for the written word is evident in the depth and authenticity of her contributions.

Despite her busy academic schedule, Akshaya finds time to delve into research, ensuring that her content is not only engaging but also well-informed and accurate.

Her freelance contributions to Dollar Bureau are a reflection of her dedication to sharing valuable insights with our readers.

While she may not boast years of industry experience, her youthful perspective, combined with her rigorous approach to research, ensures that her pieces are both relatable and trustworthy. 

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