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Recommended Tools

Check out the tools our team uses on a company and personal level.

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Take note that these tools have been used or are currently in use by us. Therefore, they have been tried and tested before we make these recommendations.

The list will also continue to expand, so be sure to check back in occasionally!


moomoo by FUTU

#1 Recommended Brokerage
Editor's Choice

Webull Singapore

Trading/Investing US Stocks

Syfe Trade

Investing US Stocks

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

#1 Recommended Exchange
Editor's Choice

Gemini Exchange

Recommended for Withdrawals

Robo Advisors

Syfe Wealth

#1 Recommended Robo Advisor
Editor's Choice

Insurance Plans

NTUC Income Star Secure

Best Whole Life Insurance Plan

Editor's Choice

NTUC Income Care Secure

CareShield Life Supplement

NTUC Income Gro Retire Flex

Best Retirement Plan for Guaranteed Payouts & Disability

Crypto Wallets

#1 Recommended Exchange
Editor's Choice


Recommended for xxx

Debit Cards Visa Card

#1 Recommended Debit Card
Editor's Choice

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