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Launched in 2019, the Dollar Bureau blog aims to play a part in improving the financial literacy of Singaporeans. We are tired of listening to our friends and families on how they’ve been “scammed” or have overpaid in premiums for an insurance plan, investment plan, or savings plan. It hurts knowing that the people we care for could have saved their money and maximised their dollar.

We’re not financial experts, we’re just like you. We take the effort in learning and sharing our knowledge so that you have access to financial knowledge that you’ll need. Our articles are vetted for accuracy and credibility, and undergo strict editorial processes. Thus, as much as possible, whatever you see on our website are accurate and unbiased.

Therefore, through the articles written by us and impartial financial advice given to you by our partners, we hope to see fewer Singaporeans facing such situations.

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We believe in the power of financial literacy. It’s unfortunate that schools do not provide crucial life lessons like financial planning. Thus, we created Dollar Bureau to create a space where we provide financial education so that you can make an informed decision.

We also understand that there are too many financial advisors in Singapore. Thus, we identified and partnered with the most trustworthy, unbiased, and ethical financial advisors in Singapore.

This is so that you can receive a truly personalised financial advice and invest in financial products that you need. That way, you don’t overpay in premiums and maximise every bit of your dollar.

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