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Dollar Bureau is a personal finance platform dedicated to empowering individuals in Singapore with the knowledge and tools necessary for making informed financial decisions. Our mission is to demystify the often complex world of personal finance, making it accessible and understandable to everyone, regardless of their financial background or experience.

At the heart of our vision lies a commitment to providing unbiased, comprehensive, and up-to-date information on a wide array of financial matters. Our primary focus areas include insurance, investments, and financial planning. We strive to be a trusted resource, guiding our readers through the intricacies of managing their finances effectively, whether it’s choosing the right insurance policy, making smart investment decisions, or planning for future financial stability.

Our content is crafted with the utmost care, ensuring it aligns with our core values of transparency, accuracy, and relevance. We believe that well-informed individuals are better equipped to make decisions that positively impact their financial well-being, and it is this belief that drives every aspect of our work at Dollar Bureau.

Our Review Process

At Dollar Bureau, our review process is meticulously designed to ensure that our readers receive accurate, comprehensive, and unbiased information about insurance policies, brokerages, and robo advisors. This process is fundamental to our commitment to transparency and reliability.

Insurance Policies Review:

  1. Data Collection: We begin by gathering all available insurance policies from insurers. This includes extracting product summaries and quotations from platforms like CompareFirst and our partners.
  2. Utilising Official Information: We rely on official sources such as insurer websites, brochures, and policy conditions to ensure the accuracy of the information.
  3. Expert Insights: Our partner financial advisors, who have in-depth knowledge through product training, provide clarifications and feedback on these products. Their expertise is crucial in understanding the practical application of these policies.
  4. Drafting and Key Information Extraction: Our writers prepare the initial draft, focusing on extracting essential information that is most relevant to our readers. This includes a thorough review by comparing the product against similar offerings in the industry.
  5. Comparison Criteria: We use specific metrics for comparison, such as premiums, flexibility, fees, potential returns, and features.
  6. Fact-Checking and Editorial Review: Each review undergoes a rigorous fact-checking process by our editors. They ensure that all claims and opinions are based on factual data or specific features, avoiding assumptions and personal preferences.
  7. Ongoing Updates: Feedback from our financial advisor partners is continuously incorporated, keeping our reviews up-to-date with any changes or nuances in each policy type.

Brokerages and Robo Advisors Review:

  1. Researching Official Sources: Our initial step involves gathering information from official websites, help pages, and support pages. For details not available online, we directly contact the support teams of these services.
  2. Real User Feedback: To capture the actual user experience, we supplement our research with feedback from real Singaporeans. This includes insights from Reddit, Facebook groups, and forums, covering aspects like UI/UX, support team effectiveness, and unadvertised limitations.
  3. Comprehensive Evaluation: Our evaluation encompasses both the official information and user experiences to provide a well-rounded review. This approach ensures that our readers get a realistic understanding of these services, beyond what is presented in marketing materials.

Through this detailed and thorough review process, Dollar Bureau aims to provide its readers with reliable and comprehensive information, helping them make informed decisions in their financial planning journey.

Selection Criteria for Best Insurance Policies

At Dollar Bureau, our approach to selecting the best insurance policies is deeply rooted in understanding and addressing the specific needs, challenges, and goals of our readers in Singapore. This process is guided by a set of carefully considered factors that align with the diverse requirements of our audience.

Understanding Reader Needs:

  • Insights from Partners: We regularly gather insights from our partners who are in close contact with Singaporeans who share real world challenges. They provide us with valuable information about the common challenges faced, typical situations encountered, and the goals that our readers aim to achieve.
  • Creating Relevant Categories: Based on these insights, we create categories for each type of policy. This ensures that our recommendations are tailored to the real-life scenarios and aspirations of our readers.


Key Factors in Policy Selection:

  1. Situation/Challenges/Goals: The most critical factor is how well a policy addresses the specific situation, challenges, or goals of the policyholder. This ensures that the policy is not just a financial product but a solution to real-life needs.
  2. Fees and Hidden Costs: We scrutinise the fees and any hidden costs associated with the policy. Transparency in pricing is crucial for our readers to make informed decisions.
  3. Potential Returns: For policies with an investment component, we evaluate the potential returns, balancing them with the associated risks and costs involved.
  4. Policy Term and Premium Payment Terms: The length of the policy term and the flexibility in premium payments are important considerations, especially given the long-term nature (often 20 to 30 years) of insurance commitments.
  5. Flexibility and Features: Features such as premium holidays, options for withdrawals, and charges incurred for various modifications are assessed. Given the long-term commitment required for most insurance policies, flexibility is a key factor to accommodate life’s uncertainties.
  6. Beyond Fees and Returns: While fees and potential returns are important, we also emphasise the overall value and suitability of the policy in the context of long-term commitment and life changes.

By focusing on these factors, Dollar Bureau ensures that the selected insurance policies are not only financially sound but also adaptable to the evolving needs and circumstances of our readers. Our goal is to provide recommendations that offer both security and flexibility, enabling our readers to make choices that best fit their unique life journeys.

Limitations in Our Insurance Review Process

At Dollar Bureau, we strive for transparency and accuracy in our insurance reviews. However, it’s important for our readers to understand the inherent limitations in our review process.

Specific Demographic Focus:

Limited Demographic Data: Our reviews are based on quotations obtained for a specific demographic. This means that we do not account for variations across different ages, genders, or pre-existing conditions in our premium calculations. The reason for this limitation is the vast variability in premiums based on these factors. Attempting to cover every possible combination would be nearly impossible, especially when comparing them across different policies.

Practical Constraints in Data Collection:

Inefficiency in Quote Generation: The process of obtaining quotes is time-consuming and often inefficient, involving multiple steps and re-entering information in the insurers’ dashboards. This inefficiency is a common challenge across all insurers and significantly limits our ability to gather a broader range of data.

Time Constraints: Given that we have reviewed over 200 policies, the time required to obtain and compare quotes for different ages, genders, and conditions for each policy is substantial. Even a simplified approach, such as comparing ages in five-year increments for both males and females, would demand an impractical amount of time and resources.

General Nature of Reviews:

Assumption of Constant Conditions: Our reviews and selections for the best insurance lists are based on the assumption of constant conditions. This means that while a policy might be suitable for a specific goal or situation mentioned, it may not account for the unique nuances and circumstances of each individual.

Consultation with Financial Advisors: We strongly recommend consulting with a financial advisor for personalised advice. A professional advisor can understand your specific needs and wants better and provide tailored guidance, something our general reviews cannot fully achieve.

We believe it’s crucial for our readers to be aware of these limitations. While our reviews offer valuable insights and comparisons, they should be seen as a starting point rather than a definitive guide. Personal circumstances can significantly influence the suitability of an insurance policy, and professional advice is often necessary to make the best decision for your unique situation.

Editorial Independence and Objectivity

At Dollar Bureau, we hold our editorial independence and objectivity in the highest regard. As a fully independent third-party reviewer, our commitment to providing unbiased and accurate information is the cornerstone of our operations

Our unique position in the industry, partnering with a diverse network of representatives from multiple insurers, including tied agents, enables us to offer a comprehensive and impartial perspective on a wide range of insurance products. 

This extensive network ensures that we have no inherent preference for any specific product or insurer. Our primary goal is to present the facts as they are: if a product stands out, we highlight its strengths; if it falls short, we do not hesitate to point out its weaknesses.

In line with our commitment to transparency, we openly disclose any affiliate relationships or sponsorships associated with the products we review. However, it is crucial to understand that these partnerships do not, in any way, influence our review process or sway our editorial judgment.

Our reviews maintain a strict standard of editorial independence because we believe that the trust of our readers is paramount. We are dedicated to providing our audience with comprehensive reviews that outline both the advantages and disadvantages of each product, empowering them to make well-informed decisions based on their individual needs.

This approach is not only aligned with our ethical standards but also with our business philosophy. We prioritise building long-term trust with our readers over short-term financial gains

By becoming a trusted source for all things related to personal finance, we aim to foster a loyal readership that values our honest and thorough analysis. We believe that this trust will, in turn, generate more sustainable long-term revenue for our business. 

At Dollar Bureau, we are more than just a business; we are a reliable guide in the complex world of personal finance, committed to serving our readers with integrity and objectivity.

Updating and Revisiting Reviews

At Dollar Bureau, we understand that the financial market is dynamic, with frequent changes in product offerings and market conditions. To ensure that our content remains relevant and accurate, we have established a systematic process for updating and revisiting our reviews.

Regular Updates:

  1. Scheduled Review Cycles: We conduct regular review cycles, where all our content, especially reviews of insurance policies, brokerages, and robo advisors, is reassessed. This ensures that any changes in the market or product offerings are reflected in our reviews.
  2. Monitoring Market Changes: Our team actively monitors the market for any significant changes that could impact the products we have reviewed. This includes changes in policy terms, pricing, new product launches, and shifts in the regulatory landscape.
  3. Feedback Integration: We also incorporate feedback and insights from our network of financial advisors and partners. Their on-the-ground experience is invaluable in keeping our reviews up-to-date with the latest market trends and consumer needs.

Re-evaluating Products:

  1. Comprehensive Reassessment: When re-evaluating products, we don’t just update the existing information; we conduct a comprehensive reassessment. This involves revisiting the selection criteria and ensuring that the product still meets the needs and expectations of our readers.
  2. Comparing with New Entrants: We compare existing products with new entrants in the market to ensure that our recommendations still stand strong against the latest offerings.
  3. Fact-Checking and Verification: All updated content undergoes rigorous fact-checking and verification processes. This is to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the information we provide.
  4. Reader Involvement: We encourage our readers to share their experiences and feedback on the products we review. This real-user feedback is a crucial component of our re-evaluation process, as it provides insights into the actual performance and satisfaction level of the products.
  5. Transparency in Updates: Whenever a review is updated, we provide clear information about what has been changed and why. This transparency is key to maintaining the trust of our readers.

By regularly updating and revisiting our reviews, Dollar Bureau ensures that our content not only keeps pace with the evolving market but also continues to serve the best interests of our readers. Our commitment to providing the most current and comprehensive information is integral to our role as a trusted resource in personal finance.

User Feedback and Community Engagement

At Dollar Bureau, we deeply value the insights and perspectives of our readers. Their feedback is a vital component of our content creation and review process, ensuring that our work remains relevant, comprehensive, and responsive to their needs.

Encouraging and Incorporating Reader Feedback:

  1. Open Channels for Feedback: We actively encourage our readers to share their feedback, questions, and suggestions. This open dialogue is facilitated through various channels, including our website, where readers can easily reach us here. We believe that maintaining open lines of communication is essential for fostering a strong connection with our audience.
  2. Responsiveness to Feedback: Every piece of feedback we receive is taken seriously. Whether it’s a suggestion for improving our reviews, a question about a specific financial product, or insights from personal experiences, we consider all input valuable. This feedback is not only acknowledged but also actively incorporated into both our current and future content. By doing so, we ensure that our posts are as informative and helpful as possible, addressing the real concerns and curiosities of our readers.


Community Engagement Strategies:

  1. Leveraging Forums and Social Media: In addition to direct feedback, we engage with our community through various online forums and social media platforms. This engagement allows us to tap into the collective wisdom and experiences of real Singaporeans, enriching our research process and content accuracy.
  2. Surveys and Polls: We periodically conduct surveys and polls to gather more structured feedback and understand the evolving needs of our readers. These tools help us to identify trends, common questions, and areas where our audience seeks more information or clarity.
  3. Collaboration with Partners and Brands: Feedback from our partners and even brands that we review is another crucial aspect of our community engagement. This collaboration helps us to refine our reviews and ensure that they are as accurate and unbiased as possible.

By fostering a dynamic and interactive community, Dollar Bureau not only enhances the quality and relevance of its content but also builds a trusted and engaged audience. Our commitment to user feedback and community engagement is a testament to our dedication to serving the needs and interests of our readers in the ever-evolving world of personal finance. 

Ethical Considerations and Conflict of Interest

At Dollar Bureau, we are acutely aware of the importance of maintaining the highest ethical standards in our work, particularly in handling potential conflicts of interest. Our approach is rooted in clear separation of duties and adherence to strict ethical guidelines, ensuring the integrity of our content.

Handling Conflicts of Interest:

  1. Separation of Sales and Content Teams: A fundamental aspect of our approach is the strict separation between our sales teams and external partners from our content creation process. This separation ensures that there is no undue influence on the content by parties that might have a vested interest in the promotion of certain products or services.
  2. Independent Content Creation: Our writers are given complete autonomy in their work. When tasked with creating content, especially for pieces like our “best X” posts, they are free to select the “winners” in each category based on their independent research and analysis. This freedom is crucial in preventing any external biases from creeping into our recommendations and reviews.

Ethical Guidelines in Review and Selection Process:

  1. Fact-Based Content: All content, opinions, and recommendations must be fact-based and align with the editorial guidelines previously outlined. This ensures that our content is not only informative but also trustworthy and reliable.
  2. Editorial Independence: Our editorial team operates with full independence, ensuring that their judgments are based solely on the merits of the products or services being reviewed. This independence is key to maintaining the objectivity and credibility of our content.
  3. No Sponsored Posts: In line with our commitment to unbiasedness and objectivity, we do not accept sponsored posts. Our past experiences with sponsored content led us to the decision that such practices do not align with our goals of providing unbiased advice. This stance further reinforces our dedication to editorial independence and the trust of our readers.
  4. Transparency with Readers: We believe in being transparent with our readers about our processes and the basis of our recommendations. This transparency is vital in building and maintaining trust with our audience.
  5. Ongoing Monitoring and Training: We continuously monitor our processes to identify any potential conflicts of interest and provide regular training to our staff to reinforce the importance of ethical conduct and independence.


By adhering to these ethical considerations and rigorously managing potential conflicts of interest, Dollar Bureau upholds its commitment to providing unbiased, accurate, and valuable financial advice to our readers. Our dedication to these principles is not just a matter of policy but a reflection of our core values as a trusted source of personal finance information.

Clarification on the Nature of Content

  1. Opinions, Not Advice: It is crucial to note that the content provided on Dollar Bureau, including opinions and reviews by our authors, is not intended to be financial advice. Our content is designed to inform and educate our readers, offering insights and perspectives based on thorough research and analysis.
  2. No Substitute for Professional Advice: Readers are encouraged to understand that our content should not be construed as professional financial advice. We advise our readers to seek independent professional advice for their specific financial needs and situations.
  3. Responsibility of Decision Making: The decision-making based on the information provided on our platform rests solely with the reader. We aim to empower our readers with knowledge, concepts, and perspectives, but the final decisions and their consequences are the responsibility of the individual reader.

Author Expertise and Qualifications

At Dollar Bureau, we pride ourselves on the expertise and qualifications of our content creators, particularly in specialised areas such as insurance and finance. Our team’s diverse backgrounds and rigorous training ensure that our content is not only informative but also relatable and applicable to our readers’ lives.

Understanding the Audience:

  • Relatable Writers: Our writers are everyday Singaporeans, mirroring the experiences and challenges of our readers. This unique perspective ensures that the solutions and advice we offer are practical and relevant to the needs of the average Singaporean.

Specialised Knowledge and Experience:

  • Finance and Insurance Knowledge: Each writer on our team possesses a solid foundation in finance and insurance, gained either through professional work experience or formal education. This knowledge is crucial in creating content that is not only engaging but also accurate and trustworthy.
  • Insurance Training: As our blog is particularly focused on insurance, all our writers and editors undergo specialised insurance training. This training equips them with a deep understanding of various insurance types and their role in financial planning, enabling them to provide insightful and relevant content.

Rigorous Training and Review Process:

  • Comprehensive Training: All our writers receive strict training in research methodologies, writing techniques, and the art of unbiased analysis. This training ensures that our content meets high standards of quality and objectivity.
  • Editorial Review: Every piece of content produced by our writers is individually reviewed by our team of editors. These editors bring their own experience and knowledge in the field, adding an additional layer of scrutiny and expertise to our content.

By combining real-life experience with specialised knowledge and rigorous training, our team at Dollar Bureau is uniquely positioned to create content that is not only informative and reliable but also empathetic and tailored to the needs of our audience. Our commitment to the expertise and qualifications of our content creators is a cornerstone of our mission to be a trusted source of financial and insurance information in Singapore.

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