OCBC RoboInvest Review: A Full Definitive Guide [2022]


OCBC RoboInvest Review: Over 37 Portfolios to Choose From!

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ocbc roboinvest review

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The OCBC RoboInvest is 1 of 3 robo advisors that was launched by a Singapore bank.

With over 30 portfolios for you to choose from, they come with variegated geographical diversification and risk appetites – with complete security of a bank.

No matter whether you are an experienced investor or a newbie, this platform welcomes you.

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What Is OCBC RoboInvest?

OCBC RoboInvest is an algorithm-based robo advisor that utilises the state of the art technologies.

It is powered by WeInvest — a Singapore-based fintech company.

They aim to provide a simple, user-friendly, and convenient investment experience to investors.

OCBC Bank launched the service in 2018. Thus, adding a new horizon to the fintech movement in Singapore, the bank became the first bank in Southeast Asia to launch a robo investment service.

With a user-friendly dashboard, the platform offers a broad diversification of 37 portfolios to choose from, which give you access to both local and global products.

Also, they offer you both monthly investments and lump sum investments.

It’s a great advantage that investing with OCBC RoboInvest doesn’t require opening a custodian or securities account.

The only requirement is a deposit account at OCBC bank with OCBC Digital Banking access.

OCBC RoboInvest provides you with automated portfolio management along with a smart portfolio rebalancing service.

With their digital investing app, you can access your portfolio whenever there’s a need.

OCBC RoboInvest Investment Methodology

OCBC RoboInvest’s investment methodology is based on its diverse portfolios which are structured to help you to reap the maximum returns with minimal effort.

They combine technology and human expertise during the process, where you grow your wealth with their support through market research analyses and insights.

Primarily, the investment portfolios deal with ETFs and equities.

Here, you are facilitated with 2 bases — focused themes and risk profile, depending upon which you can pick the most suitable investment portfolio based on your preferences.

It’s followed by a screening process, where suitable ETFs are selected using certain qualitative and quantitative criteria such as assets under management, historical performance, expense ratio, underlying instruments, liquidity, etc.

The platform’s proprietary optimisation algorithm determines the percentage allocation to each ETF.

These ETF-based portfolios are rebalanced on a semi-annual basis.

On an overall basis, OCBC considers every portfolio as an individual investment strategy, thanks to their different objectives indicated by their distinguished risk levels, diversifications, and asset allocations.

Each investment portfolio is unique and designed to fulfil your unique preferences.


As part of the portfolio management process, rebalancing is crucial.

When stocks rise significantly in value, OCBC RoboInvest will sell more, while during market volatility, it will buy more.

The rebalancing of portfolios here varies depending on particular portfolios.

Usually, rebalancing is performed on a quarterly or half-yearly basis with frequent monitoring.

But, there’s a condition involved. They will perform rebalancing of your portfolio only if you give your consent within 2 weeks from the triggering date of your portfolio.

On the other hand, they provide you with the option to skip this rebalancing process altogether.

They also have a mailing facility for you to keep you updated about the rebalancing status of your portfolios.

Investment Portfolios & the Respective Asset Classes

The 37 portfolios at OCBC RoboInvest are further divided into 2 different categories.

33 of them representing different focused themes like tech, healthcare, etc. are designed to be thematic portfolios.

On the other hand, the remainder has a broad allocation to varied asset classes that are stated as diversified portfolios.

These portfolios are diversified across 7 markets including Singapore, Australia, the US, the UK, China, Hong Kong, and Europe.

Apart from diverse geographical allocation and risk profiles, certain other factors will impact your choice.

For example, you’ll come across portfolios offering monthly investments and lump sum investments.

Again, every portfolio comprises a minimum investment amount, which is not equal for every portfolio.

Monthly investments, also known as dollar-cost averaging, are made to reduce your investment portfolio’s overall risk index while lump-sum investments help you take advantage of prevailing market conditions more frequently.

The advantage of consistent and disciplined investing is that it can be applied regardless of the current market conditions.

Out of 37 portfolios, 11 portfolios are open for monthly investments as listed below —

  • Aggressive
  • All Weather
  • Balanced
  • Cautious
  • China Growth
  • Defensive
  • Future World
  • Growth
  • Gen Z Winners
  • Impact Investing
  • Precious Metals


All other portfolios support lump sum investment methods.

Remarkably, with OCBC RoboInvest, the investment amounts of your portfolio(s) are stated in foreign currencies like USD, HKD, AUD, etc. respective to the market, instead of SGD.

As for the asset classes of each investment portfolio, there are 4 asset classes in total.

Some of the portfolios (the high-risk ones) deal with 2 asset classes, while the low and medium-risk portfolios deal with all 4 of them including equities, fixed income, commodities, and cash.

Now, from their wide range of portfolios, let’s explore the top 5 performing portfolios.

1. Stable Aussie Giants Portfolio

Having the best performance, this medium-risk portfolio is based on the Australian market and gives you a 1-year annualised return of 13.56%.

Investing in this stock-based portfolio will provide you with diversified exposure to low-volatility, higher-market capitalisation Australian stocks.

With an aim at capital appreciation, comparatively high valuation stocks are ruled out from this portfolio. This portfolio is regularly rebalanced every quarter.

The minimum investment amount for this particular portfolio is AU$2,000.

The asset allocations of this portfolio are as follows —

  • Equity: 98.56%
  • Cash: 1.44%


The top constituents involved in this portfolio are —

  • BHP Group Ltd.
  • Rio Tinto Ltd.
  • Telstra Corp Ltd.
  • Coles Group Ltd.
  • Woolworths Group Ltd.


2. Stable US Healthcare Giants Portfolio

This high-risk portfolio offers you a 1-year annualised return of 12.25%.

With this, you are exposed to selected lower-volatility stocks with a relatively higher market capitalisation in the US Healthcare Sector.

As a result of increasing economic affluence and an ageing population, the healthcare sector is expected to grow steadily over the upcoming years.

They believe that this has the potential for stable capital appreciation on a long-term basis.

Following a similar strategy as it was with the previous portfolio, comparatively high-valuation stocks are ruled out for having potential for capital appreciation.

The portfolio is rebalanced regularly every quarter and requires a minimum investment amount of US$3,500.

The asset allocations with this portfolio are as follows —

  • Equity: 98.46%
  • Cash: 1.54%


The top companies are —

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Merck & Co. Inc.
  • Eli Lilly & Co.
  • Abbvie Inc.


3. Stable US Giants Portfolio

This is another high-risk portfolio with OCBC RoboInvest, which is capable of providing you with a 1-year annualised return of 12.01%.

With relative lower volatility and higher market capitalisation in the US, this particular portfolio is strategised to provide you with diversified exposure to selected stocks.

Relatively high valuation stocks are excluded from this portfolio too as per its investment strategy to obtain prospective capital appreciation.

The Stable US Giants Portfolio is also rebalanced quarterly.

The minimum investment amount with this portfolio is US$3,500.

The asset allocation proportions for this portfolio are —

  • Equity: 98.50%
  • Cash: 1.50%


The top constituents dealt with by this portfolio are —

  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc-cl B
  • Comcast Corp-Class A
  • Verizon Communications Inc.
  • AT&T Inc.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.


4. Stable US Consumer Giants Portfolio

With an 11.93% 1-year annualised return, this is a medium-risk portfolio investing in stocks.

This portfolio is constructed following the same strategy, where your portfolio is exposed to diverse selected stocks with comparatively lower volatility and higher market capitalisation in the US Consumer Sector.

Taking into account the consumer sector’s ability to provide relatively steady and prospective business-related growth, the portfolio is designed to achieve stable capital appreciation.

To obtain capital appreciation, relatively high-valuation stocks are ruled out from this portfolio.

This portfolio is rebalanced every quarter with a minimum investment amount of US$3,500.

It involves asset allocations as mentioned below —

  • Equity: 98.46%
  • Cash: 1.54%


The topmost companies in this portfolio are —

  • Walmart Inc.
  • Philip Morris International
  • Target Corp.
  • Altria Group Inc.
  • Dollar General Corp.


5. Dogs of the Dow Portfolio

This portfolio involves high risk while providing a 1-year annualised return of 8.56%.

The portfolio is structured to provide you with exposure to well-established, blue-chip companies with a high dividend yield.

This shares a somewhat different strategy compared to the previously discussed portfolios.

The top 10 dividend-yielding Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks are all included in this portfolio.

Along with a high dividend yield, you can obtain prospective capital appreciation with this portfolio.

The Dogs of the Dow portfolio is rebalanced every quarter. Apart from this, it requires US$3,500 as the minimum investment amount.

The asset allocation proportions with this portfolio are as follows —

  • Equity: 98.50%
  • Cash: 1.50%


The top constituents related to this portfolio are —

  • Verizon Communications Inc
  • Merck & Co. Inc.
  • Coca-Cola Co/The
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • Cisco Systems Inc.


You can visit their website for more information about all 37 portfolios, including the newest additions like the Metaverse Portfolio, Electric Vehicle Portfolio, Cyber Security Portfolio, etc.

OCBC RoboInvest Fees, Charges, & Exchange Rates

Fees are pretty simple when talking about OCBC RoboInvest.

They introduced only an annual service fee of 0.88% on the total value of your investments held.

This fee is calculated and charged every month based on the number of calendar days in every month.

There are no other hidden charges and lock-in period.

However, additional exchange charges and fees may apply.

Based on different markets and trading channels related to the orders, these charges differ.

The OCBC RoboInvest website doesn’t clearly mention the exact exchange charges.

Although the base currency of all client accounts is SGD, the calculations are made in the currency related to a specific trade.

The conversion is done only at the point of execution of a trade.

And the time for a trade execution is determined by the platform depending on their historical analysis regarding the low market volatility time window.

The FX rate is determined by RoboInvest’s execution platform partners (Saxo Capital Markets).

But this is not visible to the investors on a pre-trade basis.

Thus, one thing is clear – the conversion fees will be different with different portfolios involving different geographical diversification.

On the other hand, the Singapore Stable REITs portfolio-related distributions may be subject to withholding tax.

Minimum deposits & withdrawals with OCBC RoboInvest

The minimum investment amount with OCBC RoboInvest varies from portfolio to portfolio.

You will see portfolios letting you invest in as low as US$100 and as high as US$6,000.

Both are minimum investment amounts for different portfolios.

No matter whether you invest monthly or on a lump sum basis, the cheapest minimum investment portfolio will cost you US$100.

There is no minimum withdrawal amount with OCBC RoboInvest. You can make a partial or full withdrawal with the platform whenever you want.

Take note that withdrawals will be made to your OCBC account.

Funding & withdrawal methods at OCBC RoboInvest

Presently, OCBC RoboInvest introduces transactions only in SGD.

While funding your account, you need to transfer your money to Saxo Capital Markets, OCBC RoboInvest’s appointed custody and trades execution agent for all the investments through OCBC RoboInvest.

To fund your account, first, you need to select your investment portfolio and indicate the investment amount.

Following that, choose to fund your investments from your eligible OCBC deposit account.

When you make a withdrawal request, the sold investments are converted from the base currency of the particular trade to SGD at the prevalent market rates.

Normally, the withdrawal process takes 3-5 business days to credit to your account.

The amount received in your account depends on the portfolio value and the currency conversion rate at the time of sale along with the applicable asset under management (AUM) charges.

Fees are not charged for funding and withdrawal with OCBC RoboInvest.

Eligibility Criteria

Let’s have a glimpse of the eligibility criteria to invest in OCBC RoboInvest –

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Non-US citizen
  • Non-UK resident
  • Non-EU residents or people not residing at the EEA
  • Have an existing OCBC Current or Savings account with Digital Banking access


Is OCBC RoboInvest Safe?

Provided by a reputed bank itself, OCBC RoboInvest is a bank-grade secure service.

They ensure that they are a trusted financial institute acknowledged for its stability and wealth management expertise.

In light of this, it should be fairly safe, although they just experienced a massive phishing scam.

Who is OCBC RoboInvest Best for?

OCBC RoboInvest works for both new and experienced investors.

While its user-friendly interface and robo advisory services are beneficial for a new investor, experienced but busy investors will also find a suitable investment solution with their automated portfolio management algorithms.

If you want the opportunity to invest in as low an amount as US$100, then OCBC RoboInvest is a great platform.

However, certain portfolios cost really high, which can possibly be a disadvantage for certain retail investors.


On average, considering the affordability of the investment portfolios and the wide range of diversification, OCBC RoboInvest can be a great option for potential investors.

Still, with an equally high diversification and quite affordable with no minimum investment demarcations, Syfe outperforms in some aspects compared to OCBC RoboInvest.

Visit our detailed review of Syfe to know more about the robo advisory platform.

Open an account with Syfe using our promo code to get alluring discounts.

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