moomoo Referral and Promo Code in Singapore [September 2023]

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Receive a free share worth up to $200, $20 cash coupons, and lifetime of unlimited commission-free trading in the US markets.

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About moomoo

A subsidiary of Futu Holdings Ltd, Moomoo Inc. is based in California, United States. Moomoo offers a fully digitised brokerage and wealth management platform, transforming the investing experience.

Futu Singapore Pte. Ltd is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Licence No. CMS101000) to provide capital market services.

why we like moomoo

We like moomoo by FUTU because it offers 4 markets for us to invest in – SG, US, Hong Kong, and China A Shares. These markets are what we usually trade and invest in, and having all of them in one platform makes things easier to manage.

There are lesser passwords, top-ups, trading codes, and processes to take note of when just choosing one trading platform.

Furthermore, moomoo boasts one of the overall lowest fees when compared with other brokerage accounts.


Platform Fees

Commission Fees

Total Fees

US Stocks and ETFs

1 year free for new users.

Free until 22 April 2023 for current users.

Min USD 0.99 / Order after


Min. USD 0.99 / Order


Free for up to a year

HK Stocks and ETFs

HKD 15 / Order

0.03% x Transaction amount, min HKD 3 / Order

0.03% x Transaction Amount
Min. HKD 18 / Order

SG Stocks, ETFs, and REITs

0.03% x Transaction amount, min SGD 1.50 / Order

0.03% x Transaction amount, min SGD 0.99 / Order

0.06% x Transaction amount
Min. SGD 2.49 / Order

China A-Shares

CNH 15 / Order

0.03% x Transaction amount, min. CNH 3 / Order

0.03% x Transaction Amount
Min. CNH 18 / Order

*Fees do not include the charges from respective regulating bodies.

As you can see, moomoo is officially one of the cheapest platform (cheapest is Webull Singapore) if you’re trading US stocks and ETFs with US$0.99 trades!

They’re also one of the most advanced trading platforms in Singapore and the only brokerage offering free Level 2 market data for the US markets.

With the combination of low fees and advanced trading tools, there’s much to like.

referral rewards by moomoo

The below promotion is valid between 30 June 2022 to 23 September 2022.

When you sign up for a moomoo ID & successfully open a FUTU SG securities account to receive, you will receive the Account Opening Reward:

When you make the first deposit of at least SGD$2,700 (or equivalent currency), or SGD$1,000 if you’re a student, you will receive the Deposit Reward:

When you make subscribe for moomoo’s Cash+ and make a deposit of at least S$100 and hold it for for at least 10 days:

When you transfer stocks to moomoo for at least 6 months, you will receive the Transfer-In Rewards:

Accumulated Share Value Transferred-in (SGD)

Rewards 1(USD Cash Coupon)

Rewards 2 (USD Stock Cash Coupon)

Rewards Estimated worth














iPhone 13 (256GB) or 1 Google share (GOOG)


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