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NTUC Income Gro retire flex

The NTUC Income Gro Retire Flex is one of the best retirement plans and for multiple reasons.
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About NTUC income

NTUC Income is a Singapore-based financial services company that provides insurance, investment and savings products to the public. It was founded in 1970 by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) of Singapore.

The company’s main focus is on providing affordable insurance solutions for low-income households.

In addition to its core business, it also offers other financial services such as life insurance, retirement annuities, unit trusts, and investments.

why we like NTUC Income's gro retire flex

We like NTUC Income’s Gro Retire Flex because it is the best annuity plan for those looking for the highest guaranteed returns and disability coverage.

As a retiree, you are likely to want stability without having to constantly worry about how much you’ll be getting every month. 

That’s where NTUC Income’s Gro Retire Flex comes in.

An annuity plan with the second-highest guaranteed returns, it’s only second to Great Eastern’s GREAT Retire Income with about a $1,000 difference.

However, with the same permutations, the NTUC Income Gro Retire Flex gives $5,000 more in non-guaranteed returns as compared to the GREAT Retire Income, making it one of the highest return annuity plans in Singapore. 

In your elder years, you have a high chance of facing disability, which is why many recommend getting CareShield Life Supplements to enhance your coverage.

If you want to further enhance your disability coverage, the NTUC Income Gro Retire Flex gives you disability payouts of 1.5x your monthly benefits, and a 6-month lump sum payout if you face disability in the accumulation period – the only insurer offering this.
With many of its amazing features, it got listed twice in our best retirement annuity plans in Singapore comparison guide.
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