Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card: [2023] Review


Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Review: Free Cash & AirPods!

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standard chartered smart credit card review

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The world continues its ascending progression and is moving at an exponential pace.

Digitalisation is key; thanks to it, smart credit cards have become all the rage in allowing people more financial freedom while gaining good rewards.

One such hit is the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card; today, you will learn all about it.

We reviewed and will touch on all the important aspects of this smart credit card to help you understand why it is the talk of the town among credit cardholders.

So, let’s begin.

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Pros and Cons

No review is complete without shedding some light on both sides so let’s discuss the pros and cons.

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Pros

  • Lots of perks
  • Abundant flexibility
  • Zero annual fees worries
  • Premium features
  • No minimum spend required

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Cons

  • Complimentary facilities only limited to the primary smart cardholder
  • A poor credit report can amp up the interest rate


Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card- A Glance

The SC Smart Card offers an incredible way of life as it offers a tempting 6% cash back for qualifying everyday transactions without any minimum spend required.

Moreover, Standard Chartered’s EasyPay lets you make 3 interest-free instalments, similar to Buy Now Pay Later services.

Add in the joy of no annual fees; it is no surprise that the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card is a hit.

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Features

Let’s dig deeper and discover the features of this credit card:

EMI Rates

With the SC Card, your EMI rate is 23.9%, 26.9% or 29.9% yearly.


Easily convert all retail transactions worth S$200 or above into 3, 6, 9, or 12 months instalments interest-free! You only need to pay the service fee one time with a one-time service fee.

Easy Mobile Payments

Just tap your smartphone on contactless sale terminals and pay via Google Pay, Samsung, or Apple Pay. You don’t have to fuss over rummaging for your wallet anymore.

Get a Temporary Increase on Credit Limit

Got any immediate and pressing needs? You can cover your wedding, hospitalisations, or travel with some extra cash.

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Benefits

If you still need to figure out this credit card, let’s discuss some benefits you can reap if you make it a part of your financial life.

Save Money Easily

Only a few credit card companies are keen on giving away cashback as a reward; they prefer other perks to satisfy cardholders. However, Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card makes cashback part of rewards allowing you to save up money in your account every time you spend.

Travel Insurance Perks

This credit card proffers free travel insurance of S$500,000 worldwide. Furthermore, you will get S$25,000 coverage in emergency cases such as medical aid, repatriation, and evacuation.

Interest-Free Living

With Standard Chartered’s interest-free payment, you can be ready for any pressing financial situation and not worry about the interest rate crushing you later.

What Makes the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Stand Out?

This smart card stands out from the crowd because it is aimed at people who wish to maximse their rewards from daily lifestyle spending.

You don’t have to go overboard and make extravagant online purchases to get the most value from this card.

Furthermore no worrying about annual fees and ‘minimum spending required’ woes or cash advance fees.

How Does the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Reward Work?

Let’s talk about the reward system. It works in 2 ways: reward points or cashback. Allow us to explain further.

You get your reward points every time you utilise the smart card for food and beverages from qualifying merchants, some streaming services, and rides.

You receive these rewards points through the ‘360° Rewards Points system, and you can redeem these points in gift forms from the rewards points catalogue.

How does the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Cashback Work?

However, if you prefer cashback instead of redeeming points for gifts, then the bank allows that too. Every 320 points earned equals S$1 therefore, you can redeem the cashback at 3,200 points for S$10.

Thanks to zero fuss and an annual fee waiver, each cent accumulates for you to use as you wish whenever you want.

However, note that your cashback will be capped at 14,400 points, which can equate to S$45 approximately.

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card: Fees and Charges

Fret not; we have it all covered. Below you will find the fees and charges you might incur while utilising the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card.

  • The annual fee is perpetually waived.
  • Late payment charges are S$100.
  • Your minimum monthly payment is 1% of the current balance or S$50, whatever amount stands higher.
  • You are charged an over-limit fee of S$40.
  • Standard Chartered Bank offers interest rates that range from 23.9% to 29.9% based on its assessment of your credit profile.
  • There will be a zero cash advance fee; however, there will be 28% interest on any cash advance.


Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Eligibility

  • You must be 21 years or older.
  • Singaporeans & PRs: You must have a steady annual income of S$30,000.
  • Foreigners:
    • An annual income of at least S$60,000
    • Possessing a P1, P2 or Q type of employment permit
    • Holders of Q passes must have at least 12 months of validity


Sign-up Promotions Available for the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

Dollar Bureau Exclusive: 

Receive an Apple Bundle [Airpods Gen 3 + MagSafe Charger] (worth S$331.05) or Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 7 Bluetooth Speaker (worth S$399) or S$270 Cash via PayNow

  • Promotion valid only for new card members
  • All cardholders will need to activate and spend a minimum S$500 within 30 days of card approval to be eligible for the sign up gifts
  • Promotion valid until 2 April 2023
  • Terms and Conditions apply.


Sign-up promotions may change from time to time and may not be reflected above. Click here to view the latest Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card promotions.

Who is the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card For?

Let’s come to the important part, who is this card ideal for? If you are obsessed with fast food, have digital subscriptions, need your daily caffeine fix and use public transport, this card can be a good choice.

It will suffice your daily financial needs while helping you reap benefits alongside sipping that delicious mocha.

Moreover, folks with travel needs can benefit greatly from all this credit card has to offer.

How to Apply

Click on this link and proceed to enter your email address to get started.

You might need to supply documentation such as:

  • Front and back images of your passport or employment pass.
  • Salaried employees must provide the past 12 months’ salary statements.
  • Self-employed individuals will need to submit their latest income tax assessment notice.


After successful submission, you will be notified via email of your application status.

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